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Our Powerful Rally in Pictures

Rally for a Fair Contract Oct 30 2019

OCTOBER 30 -- Ten Thousand transit workers filled lower Manhattan opposite MTA Headquarters at 2 Broadway, with crowds extending down Broadway to Water Street and wrapping around the plaza to Battery Park. Union leadership, along with our allies in organized labor and supportive political leaders, demanded a fair contract for the men and women who move New York. Click on the handles at right to see all the images of this powerful rally.

Post-Rally Message from President Tony Utano

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The turnout by more than 10,000 transit workers at our contract rally on October 30th sent a powerful message to the MTA, City Hall and Albany that TWU Local 100 is determined to win a fair contract for this membership. Thank you, brothers and sisters. It was an amazing event that has supercharged TWU Local 100 and the entire New York City labor movement.

So, here’s where we are: MTA Chairman Pat Foye, out of the gate, infuriated transit workers by painting us in the media as overtime cheats and pampered no-shows. He piled on those insults by taking aim at me personally. He labeled me a criminal, and then doubled down by insinuating that my Italian heritage predisposed me to corruption. Foye has drawn his line in the sand both in the media, and in our initial meetings with him. He expects us to pay for our own contract raises with crippling givebacks.

He obviously doesn’t know me, or transit workers, very well.

We are ready to meet with the MTA at a time and place mutually agreeable. And we are ready to negotiate for as long as it takes to get to where this membership needs to be. The ball is in their court. In the meantime, I ask every member of this union to stay fully engaged in the process, and be ready to take additional steps when called upon.

Stay strong, stay informed, stay united!

TWU Local 100 Official Union Anthem Video - Produced for our Massive October 30 Rally

Union’s Rally Video Blends TWU’s Militant History With Today’s Urgency for a Fair Contract.

Produced by Local 100 Communications for the TWU Local 100 contract rally on October 30, 2019. Download the music track here.

Leon George, #1 Motorman, is Honored Posthumously by the Union

Brother Leon George, who had a celebrated career as the Train Operator (Motorman) with the greatest seniority in the transit system, passed away last year. We honored him and his legacy, presenting a plaque to his family on October 25 at Stillwell Terminal. His family was present at a ceremony at the terminal, where a replica plaque will hang permanently.

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