Utano Reacts to Bill that Would Create Felony for Attacking Police with Water

JULY 31 -- TWU Local 100 President Tony Utano released the following statement regarding proposed legislation that would make it a felony to attack police officers with water.

"No disrespect to police officers, but if you are going to make dousing a police officer with water a felony then you should also make spitting on a transit worker, or police officer, a felony. Bus and subway workers were spit at more than 150 times last year. In the subways alone, 13 were spit at this month (July). There is nothing more disgusting or vile than this type of abuse that transit workers are subjected to for just wearing the MTA uniform. Spitting is now just considered harassment, a violation, under the law. It’s offensively weak and needs to change."

Assemblyman Mike LiPetri of Long Island and Assemblyman Michael Reilly of Staten Island have announced plans to introduce legislation making it a felony to douse police officers with water after videos emerged of police officers getting soaked in several neighborhoods. Today's coverage of the proposed bill in the Daily News included President Utano's statement.